Taming the Menagerie

I had an epiphany recently.

I had too many websites, too many social media accounts and I wasn’t updating any of them.

Why so many places to keep updated?

I have many interests. Chief among them are, at least now, and in no particular order, minimalism, productivity, travel, technology, cooking/veganism and illustration. Whew, quite a list right?

The focus of my paying consulting work is technology (and its intersection with productivity) and illustration. But those other topics I noted are also areas where I often feel like I have something to add, or at least are things I feel a need to comment on.

And for some reason it seemed to make sense to put everything in its own silo. I had a site that focused on minimalism and productivity, one where I posted illustration and comic art related tidbits and another where I was planning on tackling technology related topics.

Why was I adding friction to a process that, really, should be simple and straight-forward?

There was too much overhead, not to mention overlap — where to put a post about an app that has a minimalist slant? Of course I could post it in two places. Well that gets ridiculous pretty fast. The net result was that I didn’t post nearly as often as I would like.

This hatchet job on my thoughts also wasn’t honest. It was an artificial separation of ideas into narrow and arbitrary slots. It’s advantageous to mix topics and give them a big stir — that’s where a lot of new ideas come from. And I was stepping on that seedling before it could take root and grow.

I think I’ve found the, very obvious, solution.

This site, where you are reading this now is the site. The only site. There will be posts about all the topics I mention above, and probably some that cover other odds and ends. And many will probably touch on various areas. I’m aiming to tag and categorize as much as possible so that filtering shouldn’t be too much of any issue. But, hopefully, all of them will contain something that will be of value.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you’ll tag along for the ride. If you like what you’ve read and would like to see more check out the sidebar for how you can have new content delivered directly to your inbox or how you can follow along on social media.

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Trying a different approach with this #urbansketch in #siracusa #sicilia #italia #drawing #sketch #brushpen #watercolor #watercolour #ink #italy #sicily #syracuse

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