The Black and The Blue

Humanity’s next great adventure begins with a bully and a child’s shoe. The lives of four children are irrevocably linked when they unearth a long-hidden object that defies belief and contains power that will change their lives forever. Now, Jimmy Noonan, all grown up, just wants a little space to deal with his pending divorce. Fleeing across the country, he’s hoping he’ll find it in the hometown he hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years. But what he finds are surreal memories of a glowing object and something impossible that will shake him to his core. The Black & The Blue is a down-to-earth science fiction adventure with cosmic consequences.

The Actor

Some stories are too big to be told in one lifetime. Ben Jones Jr. is an actor, known the world over for decades. His life is the definition of success. It’s also a lie. The roles he plays are all too real, except no one knows it but him. He’s had other names, in other times and travelled the world over. He’s seen things that humans can’t imagine. But all that he wants is to go home.

Too bad for him it’s a galaxy or two away.